Tour guides or commonly called tour guides or tour guides are people who accompany and guide and provide information to tourists who are holding their tour activities. He is like a compass that directs us when we travel to a place. Want to know about tour guides and their functions? See the explanation, yes.


Functions of the Tour Guide

The Travel guide has several functions, including:

  • Accompany during a tour;
  • Protect and guarantee safety for tourists;
  • Service providers, such as travel agents or other tour operators;
  • Give information and explanation as well as possible about a tourist attraction.


Type of Tour Guide

General guide (general guide)

Is a tour guide who has general knowledge about a tourist spot. Have permission to guide by using one or several specific languages ​​used to provide information to individual tourists and groups.


Special guide (special guide)

Is a tour guide who has special knowledge and knows clearly about a place or tourist attraction. He can explain in more detail. Have permission to guide by using one or several specific languages ​​that are used to inform tourists whether they are individuals or groups.


A driving guide (guide driver)

Is a tour guide who can guide in travel and provide information or information in general. He also serves as a driver, like a bus or taxi driver.


Tour conductor

A senior tour guide, has a tour guide and can lead and provide information and guidance to a group of tourists who are on a tour to an object and even some tourist sites.


Task Tour Guide

  • Give explanations, information, and information to tourists about all that attracts their attention;
  • Tour guides play a role as guardians of tourists, safeguard their safety, and avoid tourists from all circumstances that might be detrimental to them;
  • If the tour guide takes a deviant action from the standard given by the travel agent or other operator tour, the tour guide must be responsible;
  • Providing help to tourists who guide them when experiencing difficulties or when asked.